Maintenance Saves You Money In The Long Run

Have you ever left something “for later” and then wished that you hadn’t?

You know those things that you keep meaning to get around to, and then suddenly it’s all too late.

It could be checking the oil in the car, replacing the battery in the smoke alarm, or even checking on the health of your exterior walls.

The moral of the story is, if you leave things too long without completing the relevant maintenance tasks, then you could be in trouble.

You might find yourself facing big, expensive repair bills!

That is why Lorcan Kenny and the team at Pro Water Blasting help do those maintenance tasks now so that you don’t face those nasty repairs bills in the future!


The Importance Of Building Maintenance

Whether it is your home, your businesses premises, or your warehouse facility, you want to make sure it is well cared for.

Building exteriors take a bit of a beating from the elements. Especially in Auckland where you can quite literally experience four seasons on one day! They protect interiors from rain, sun, wind and even snow. So, it stands to reason that the exterior of any building deserves some TLC.

There is only so much your walls can withstand. But regular maintenance helps to keep them in top shape. Regular washing not only keeps the property looking nice, but it also extends the life of the paintwork by up to 25%!

Plus, while your technician is washing the building, they are also doing a spot check of the surfaces to ensure there are no problems. They are your early warning system, able to alert you if any small repairs need to happen. Maintenance and small repairs now will prevent the need for costly rebuilds and total repaints further down the track.


Who Are Pro Water Blasting?

Pro Water Blasting are specialists in building washing, gutter care and of course, water blasting. They help homeowners, landlords, property management companies and body corporations with a range of building maintenance tasks.

These tasks include water blasting driveways, rooves, fences, walls and decks, as well as deck restoration, building washing, roof treatments, moss and mould treatments, and roof washes. They are completed on houses, residential buildings and commercial buildings too.

No job is too big for them… quite literally. From the ground, their equipment can reach up to three stories high. For any buildings taller than that, they can use a cherry picker and have even been known to abseil from the roof down. Now that’s commitment!


How You Can Extend The Life Of Your Exterior Paint

If you have your building washed on an annual basis, then it is proven it can extend the life of your exterior paint by up to 25%! That equates to around an extra five years of life in your paintwork.

Not only does the service keep your house clean all year round and protect your paintwork, but it also helps to protect your cladding system. That means it stops your weatherboards from rotting or deteriorating.

By also cleaning the gutters and the roof, it can prevent leaks from getting into the house and prevents costly moisture damage. It also stops the value of your home from deteriorating too!

The great thing is that the cost of washing your home is really affordable. For just a few hundred dollars, you can have your home washed by the professionals from top to bottom. This simple task could save you thousands in the long run.

So, if you are ready to protect your paint and get your house looking sparkly clean, get in touch with the team here at Pro Water Blasting. Here on our website, you can enter the details of your property and receive an accurate quote on the spot. Check it out now.


Business Maintenance Work

Your home is not the only thing you want to perform maintenance on. Your business is also another asset you want to protect with regular maintenance work.

One of your biggest business assets is your email list. It is quite literally a list of people who are interested in what you do and how you might be able to help them. Nurturing it is important… but it can also be time consuming.

Here at Big Rock, we are email marketing specialists, excelling at nurturing your list and generating leads from it. If you want to preserve the life of your email list and even extend it, then book a time to have a free strategy chat with our marketing expert Lara McCormick.